How to Participate

Ask Mike Caulfield to set you up an SFW site.

Your site will look something like If your name was Arnold, that is.

Go to your site. There is a link there: The Hidden History of Online Learning

Go to that page. Use the colored icons at the very top of the page to locate the most recent version of the site.

Fork the page into your own site, using the raised (not flat) flag or square button at the bottom right hand corner of the edit history.

Now every person cited on that page is in your federation "neighborhood", meaning you will see the work they do.


So that other people can see you, you should add your name to the authors list. If other people want to see your edits, they will fork that page back, and add you to thier neighborhood.

To add your name, create a biography page for your site. Link it from the Welcome Page "Pages About Us" section.